Cat Scratch Triangle


Modern cat triangle style hunter
Cardboard masks of killing and the failure fabric service frames across one!
* Both sides are made up of corrugated paper and fabric cutters respectively.
* It is a practical product that can fit a variety of cat symbols.
* Easy to reach with oblique slopes.
* Stylish pattern and color is a great design everywhere.
• It is ready when they can easily smell the mask frame over and.
The fabric mask frame over the
Corrugated paper scratcher
Scratchers of different materials
A variety of cats consisting of two sides
You can satisfy the symbols.
The slope of the suitable slope
Comfortable Studio is a great stretch posture
Help to maintain.
10 19
164 519
Coming with it is made using
It can stimulate the curiosity of cats.
Just simply spread it out.
Easy to use.
Product specifications : 54 x 21 x 28 cm (Assembly time)
38 cm
28 cm
21 cm
54 cm

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